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        Pooper Scooper                 New On The Market!  

            $19.95 (tax included) plus $12.65 shipping & handling              anywhere in Canada and the continental United States

  See Pictures and Directions Below FOR POOPER SCOOPER OPERATION

Say goodbye to messy, smelly pooper scooper cleanups!

This is a quick, clean and dignified way to pick up dog poop!

This pooper scooper works!

  • Completely sanitary pooper scooper!
  • No bending down for poop pickups!
  • Never touch poop waste!
  • Pooper Scooper never needs cleaning!
  • Multiple poop pickups!
  • Uses any size bag from grocery bags to pet store pooper bags!
  • Excellent for walks and yard clean-ups
  • Convenient cane-shaped handle
  • Handy to carry on walks with your dog
  • Made from lightweight, durable plastic
  • Easily manageable size: 23" long by 4" deep
  • Easy, clean release of bag by disengaging elastic band

                        Shipped in two to three weeks

                Patented in Canada and the United States


A.  The Pooper Scooper hangs conveniently awaiting the next use. Notice that the cane-shaped handle makes the scooper very convenient to carry and easy to store.

B.  Close-up of the patented notch in the underside that 1) permits secure fastening of the elastic band around pickup bag, and 2) ensures that the folded-back bag covers all of the solid underside of the device so that there is no soiling of the scooper.

  A.                                                     B. 



1.  Insert the closed end of the bag through the front of the pooper scooper.

 Insert the bag   

2.  Fold the bag back and around the pooper scooper as far as the handle on the top and to completely cover the underside of the pooper scooper.

 Wrap the bag around the cup. 

3.  Attach an elastic band around the pooper scooper and the bag and secure it on the underside in the notch. 

Use heavy duty #64 rubber bands (3 1/2" x 1/4").

Snap on the rubber band.

4.  Close-up side view of the pooper scooper with 1) the closed end of the bag inserted through the front, 2) the open end of the bag folded back around the outside of the scooper, and 3) held in place with an elastic band


5.  Scoop the waste by dragging the scooper across the grass in a single motion.  It may take a couple of passes for large dog waste.

6.  Waste hangs down and out of the way and allows for multiple poop pickups.


When the bag is full of poop or when you have completed the pooper scooper pickups, gently release the elastic from the top of the pooper scooper (picture 7).  As you release the elastic the bag folds inward and falls downward into the garbage container (picture 8).  Because of the patented notched-out underside of the pooper scooper, the device itself is completely covered by the folded-back pickup bag and does not get soiled.  Clean, sanitary, no mess, no smell.

  7.                                 8.                       


Once again:

Approach the dog poo with the scooper and slide the scoop quickly under the poo.

Slide the scoop. 

Once the poo is in the scooper mouth, give a quick upward “flick” and the poo falls harmlessly into the bag.


Relax your arm and the bag hangs down, sealing off the smelly poo until the next pickup.


 To dispose of the waste, lift the rubber band and it's gone!

Lift the elastic...        and it's gone!

This POOPER SCOOPER IS PATENTED and available EXCLUSIVELY through direct purchase from the manufacturer.  Included with the pooper scooper is a starter pack of pooper scooper bags and rubber bands so you can start using your pooper scooper as soon as it arrives.

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