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Pet Pawsitives Pooper Scooper..... a little history

Pet Pawsitives is a supplier of quality pet products including a unique patented pooper scooper (the Doggy Walk Scooper) which is presently our exclusive flagship product.  Pet Pawsitives will add additional carefully selected items to our 'Other Products' page as they are discovered and approved.  Our goal is to provide pets and pet owners with products that help make activities together more enjoyable, healthier and safer.   

Our flagship pooper scooper product, the Doggy Walk Scooper, was conceived in 1998 after years of picking up dog poo while on walks and in the yard.  This experience proved to be so negative (messy and smelly, not to mention the feel of what I was picking up) that I knew there had to be a better way than putting my hand in a bag, picking up the droppings and turning it inside out to hopefully diminish the smell and potential for contamination.

I explored the range of pooper scooper products out there and found that most of them were cumbersome and not intended for taking on walks or were of the shovel type that got dirty and smelly and had to be stored outdoors in a remote place.  These pooper scoopers simply did not work.

Hence, the development of our own pooper scooper, patented as the Doggy Walk Scooper -- a unique, patented design that is completely sanitary, lightweight and convenient for walks, accommodates all sizes of bags (from those you can buy in a pet store for hand pickups, to bread bags and plastic grocery bags) and easy to handle and store.  This Pooper Scooper is designed for easy and convenient use while on walks with your dog and is rugged enough for those large poop scoop jobs in the backyard.

The pooper scooper scoop part is made of durable plastic and is designed with a notch cut in the underside so that the poop pickup bag can be inserted through the front, rolled back to completely cover the remaining underside of the pooper scooper, and then attached at the front of the notch with an elastic band.  The result is a completely sanitary arrangement.  When you wish to release the bag into a garbage receptacle you simply release the elastic band at the top of the pooper scooper (away from any soiled part of the bag) and the bag drops into the receptacle.  The entire pooper scooper remains completely clean and may be stored anywhere in your home or apartment until the next time.  For added convenience the pooper scooper handle is a cane shape so the scooper is easy to carry while on walks and easy to hang up when not in use.

PET PAWSITIVES is presently sourcing other convenient, high quality products to include and sell through this website.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with your comments and ideas (click 'contact us' on the Menu).

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